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Amd Fx-6300 Black Friday DealsOriginally introduced as an upgrade over the FX-6200, the FX-6300 released around the same time that the AMD FX-8350 made its debut. Back then, the FX-6300 was an Amd Fx-6300 Black Friday Deals 2022 absolute favorite among budget gamers who weren’t much into MMOs. With six cores, it made sense to purchase this processor over expensive Intel rivals at the time. By the way, the Intel processor around that time that hit the sweet spot was the i5-3570K. So, why are we including the FX-6300 in our top ten processor’s list when Intel has jumped across four generations? It is because of the performance of the FX-6300 and its overclocking abilities at such a low cost. In fact, this is the cheapest of all processors that we review.

For our purpose, we compare the performance of the FX-6300 with the FX-8350 and the Core i3 6100 since they are the closest priced CPUs in our dream list. Before starting with the actual performance review lets quickly go through the specifications of the FX-6300. The AMD FX-6300 is a six-core processor with 3.5 GHz base clock speed and can go as far as 4.82 GHz with appropriate cooling. This series of AMD processors does not come with integrated graphics so you need to bundle a dedicated card for a complete package. As for memory, it works with DDR3-1866 with Dual Channel support and ECC. Based on the x86-64 architecture this 64-bit processor has 8MB of shared L3 cache that translates to 1.33 MB/core.The FX-6300 is a workhorse and that is evident by its wide range of overclocking abilities. Completely unlocked, you can use as many multipliers as you wish.

Amd Fx-6300 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

That is the true beauty of this processor and best of all, it comes with a very affordable price tag. But, does all this customization offer the requisite results to justify a purchase today when there are slightly more expensive alternatives from Intel? Take for instance the i3-6100 processor. With higher base clock speeds and significantly better single core performance across all emulators, should you not invest into an FX-6300 at all? The answer is a mixed bag. Back when the FX-6300 released, the choice was simple. If multi-thread performance was what you were after, then the FX-6300 was a perfect choice as it reached the abilities of 3rd generation core i5 processors.

However, as Intel made significant leaps the FX-6300 has been relegated to fight with core i3 processors. The good news though is that the FX-6300 is still perfect for a budget build. The big bucks you save on this processor can be better spent on other peripherals and hardware. Let’s get straight into the benchmarks and scores. With PassMark, it is immediately evident that single core performance of the FX 6300 is poor. With just 1,446 it falls well short of the 2,105 posted by Core i3 6100. However, if you look at Multi-Core performance on PassMark, the FX 6300 beats the Core i3 6100 by a good 1000 points. The question therefore is, what kind of application you plan on using your CPU for. It also points to the fact that the i3 6100 isn’t exactly a great choice though its multi-core performance is still acceptable at 5,464.

Amd Fx-6300 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Even the clock speeds are a tad slower than the 6100 core i3 but the difference in Cinebench isn’t enough to pick a winner. What does work in favor of the FX-6300 though is its ability to drastically overclock. Speaking of overclocking, the stock CPU cooler isn’t capable enough to manage 4 GHz plus speeds. Best to get a water cooler along with your CPU if you wish to hit top clock speeds. Beware though that this CPU requires around 95W at its stock setting. When you overclock the processor, it gets hot really quick and the power consumption rises to some extent too. Moving on, the Cinebench R15 scores. Here things get a little more interesting.

On stock settings, the FX-6300 comes well below the Core i3-6100 however, ramp up the clock speeds and you immediately see a significant rise in scores. With multi-core scores, when running at 4.6GHz, the FX-6300 posted a cool 558cb on Cinebench R15, which is at least 60 to 70cb higher than what the Core i3 6100 brings in at the stock condition. All that remains is to test its gaming abilities. What we are interested in is whether this processor is a bottleneck with high-performance games or if it can manage well across the board. We put it through the rigors on Battlefield 4 and One. We even took it for a spin on GTA V and the end result was that as long as you stay within HD limits or 1080p, your game performance won’t be any different. However, if you play a lot of MMO, there will be a significant drop in performance because of poor single core performance.If the price is the sole reason to purchase the AMD FX-6300 then go ahead and get it. The limitations of this processor are only visible in the most demanding environments.

However, because of its unlocked nature, you can easily overcome the limitations by multiplying the clock speeds and squeezing out that extra performance from it. For gamers, be careful when thinking of the FX-6300. Not all games work great with this processor and especially any that involve heavy single core dependency. Same goes for audio and video encoding or those who edit a lot of cool stuff. For an average individual though the AMD FX-6300 is an excellent starting CPU. Verdict With its awesome price tag, the AMD FX-6300 is indeed the cheapest in our list of top performance CPUs. Its sole reason for gaining entry into our list is due to its overclocking abilities. In all our tests, we felt it overclocked well, sometimes managing to beat current generation Intel processors in multi-core performance. Yes, single core performance is abysmal Amd Fx-6300 Black Friday Deals 2022 but it gets a boost when you overclock the processor. Our advice is to purchase a good air cooler with this processor so you can at least hit top clock speeds when you need to improve single core performance.


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