Best Acoustic Guitar Black Friday Deals 2022

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Best Acoustic Guitar Black Friday Deals 2022But with so much choice it’s easy to become distracted or confused. Best Acoustic Guitar Black Friday Deals 2022 We call it ‘analysis paralysis’. With numerous amazing acoustic guitars to choose from, it can be complicated to zero on the most suitable one to suit your requirements. We can help with this…This guide is intended to help you decide on the best acoustic guitar for you. No matter your budget – and whatever style you play – we promise there is a six-string to match you. With entry-level acoustics in the likes of Epiphone, Yamaha, Martin and Taylor, through to high-end heavyweights from Gibson and Fender, this guide has you covered.

Best Acoustic Guitar Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

There’s a lot to think about, so we’ve also compiled some useful buying advice to guide you into the right guitar. You may head there by clicking on the ‘buying advice’ button above.

If you only wish to know what we think are the best acoustic guitars right now, keep scrolling. Our choices are presented in cost order so it is simple to find the most suitable one for your budget. We’ve also scoured the web to obtain the best prices, saving you any legwork in that section, too.

Best Acoustic Guitar Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide


Many guitarists and guitar makers have traditionally been of the opinion that all-solid wood guitars offer you the best functionality because solid forests carry sound and resonate better than laminated woods or other composite materials. The main downside is that solid wood are more costly compared to laminate, and this is the reason why just a few guitars provide solid wood construction in lower price ranges. Thankfully, there are still some fantastic solid top guitars which are rating well while keeping fair price tags.

Note that there are some producers who utilize composite non-wood substances on their guitar and do this quite successfully, but they usually are employed for stage prepared acoustic-electric models, or for traveling size guitars. Even high-end manufacturers are currently using composite timber in areas like the fretboard.

Here are some of the most commonly used tonewoods:


One of the most popular tonewoods for the top of an acoustic guitar and is generally regarded to have an’all round’ tone without being too bright, warm or bassy. Spruce tends to go well with most other types of timber that could possibly be used on the remaining part of the guitar.


This is a less compact wood compared to Spruce therefore it tends to have less sustain and projection while sounding warmer. It is often found on pellets that are developed for fingerstyle players.

Mahogany is a compact wood that lends itself to some warm tone that projects really well. It was traditionally used chiefly on the trunk and sides of a guitar, but in the past couple of years it has become a very popular wood used to build an entire guitar – in fact many all-mahogany guitars have become rated more highly than their traditional counterparts.

Sapele is getting to be a popular choice these days. It’s a bit thicker compared to Mahogany and produces a slightly brighter sound. Taylor say it provides”top end shimmer” to the guitars they use it on.

This is a really hard and dense timber and is most frequently used on the trunk and sides but you will sometimes find it used as a high wood. It’s great projection but tends to highlight the mid frequencies too much for many people’s taste as a top wood.

Also called Hawaiian Koa as it’s a native Hawaiian species. It’s a dense hardwood which highlights the mid to high overtones and as it ages it tends to’open up’ adding warmth to the mid range. It is mostly located on high-end guitars due to its high price.


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