Best Bike Pump Black Friday Deals 2022 – Limited Time Offers

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best bike pump black Friday deals

Available in all shapes and sizes, best bike pump black Friday deals 2022 sales discount offers are the ideal to buy new tires. It beats having to go a body shop each time a tire deflates. But choosing a bike pump out of so many available models isn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially if you are not the world’s most passionate bike enthusiast.

Best Bike Pump Black Friday Deals 2022 – Sales Discount Offers

We’re pretty sure that professional cyclists know their way around good bike pumps, but if you’re the average bike rider that enjoys the occasional stroll around the park, you’re probably not familiar with what a pressure gauge is, the difference between Schrader and Presta valves or which are the best materials that make up the most durable bike pumps.

The pump is the unsung hero of cycling. You wouldn’t get very far without one, whether it’s a mini pump that goes along for the ride or a hard-working floor pump in the garage. Either way, both serve the same purpose: to inflate your tires. A floor pump typically does its job faster and with better accuracy, while a mini pump can get you out of a jam and back in action until you’re home again, where you can top off your tire pressure with a floor pump. Ideally, you should have one of each and be comfortable using both.

Floor vs. Mini: Why You Need Both

Floor Pump: These freestanding pumps inflate faster and with less effort than a mini pump for more reasons than just size. A sturdy, wide base provides a platform for you to stand on and hold it still, and a wide handle allows you to engage the plunger with both hands for better leverage. While pressure gauges can vary in terms of max psi (the Lezyzne CNC Drive in our test is the highest at 220), placement (some are located at the base, some at the top), and size (some are larger and easier to read than others), every floor pump has one. As well, every floor pump has a long, flexible hose with a chuck at the end that can get into hard-to-reach places—some better than others.

Best Bike Pump Black Friday Deals 2022 Sales Discount Offers – Guide

Mini Pump: These compact inflators are designed to go along for the ride—whether tucked in your pocket, strapped to your frame, or carried in a bag. Their smaller build means less power and more effort to reach your ideal psi (or at least pressure good enough to get you out of a jam and rolling again). Most mini pumps attach directly to your valve, but some come with a short, flexible hose that helps with finding a more comfortable pumping position. Mini pumps typically don’t have pressure gauges, and those that do have ones that are often small and difficult to read (besides, your pumping arm will likely get tired before you even reach the ideal psi). A dual-action mini pump will inflate much quicker as it moves air both when you push the plunger in and when you pull it out.

Which Valve Is Which?

The presta valve (left) is more common on road bikes and mid- to high-end mountain bikes while the Schrader valve (right) can be found on fitness and children’s bikes.
Jimmy Cavalieri

Schrader: Think car tire, mountain bike tire, and most kids’ bikes. The Schrader valve is wider than the presta type and the same circumference from tip to rim. It’s wrapped in rubber, threaded at the end, and has a pin in the center that can be depressed to add or release air with a spring to keep it sealed. This type of valve can be inflated off those air pumps you see at gas stations.

Presta: This is the long, thin valve that tapers at the top and is made entirely of metal. It’s usually threaded from tip to rim and has a knurled nut at the end that must be unscrewed (opened) in order to add or release air. Presta valves are typically found on road and performance bikes because they’re able to hold higher air pressures. The smaller diameter of this valve compared with a Schrader type reduces the size of the opening in the rim, which makes for a stronger wheel.

Dunlop: The less-common Dunlop valve, used in parts of Asia and Europe, looks like a wider presta valve. It’s usually found on city bikes, but is rarely seen in the U.S. Still, because you never know where your riding will take you, we included a few pumps in our roundup that come with an adapter for this type of valve.

Versatile Pump Heads

(left to right) Pump heads can be swappable, twin (aka dual), or adjustable.
Jimmy Cavalieri

Most modern pumps are designed to work with both main valve types, and some come with adapters for sports balls and things like pool floats.

Twin: This type of head has two individual ports: one for presta and one for Schrader valves. Rider’s choice.

Swappable: This also has all the parts needed to inflate a presta or Schrader valve. However, the head’s internals must be reversed—it takes a few seconds and doesn’t require tools—to switch it from one style to the other.

Adjustable: This style automatically adjusts itself to fit presta and Schrader valves without any extra steps. Simply press the head to the valve, lock it on, and start pumping.

Best Bike Pump Black Friday Deals 2022 – High Pressure or High Volume?

High-pressure pumps move a smaller volume of air with each stroke and are better suited to filling skinny road tires. Generally speaking, if you ride tire pressures higher than 60 psi, you need a high-pressure pump. These will max out between 160 and 220 psi.

High-volume pumps, on the other hand, move a large amount of air with each stroke and are made for filling fat tires very quickly. However, most struggle to inflate tires to more than 60 psi. The gauges on these pumps typically have large, easy-to-read markings in one-psi increments that make it easy to dial in a precise tire pressure.


Once you’ve determined what kind of valve you have, you need to know what the optimal pounds per square inch (PSI) is for your particular tire. As a general rule of thumb, the thinner the tire the more pressure is required to get the perfect fill.

Road tires, for example, usually perform best when pumped to between 80 and 120 PSI. Hybrid and city bike tires need 50 to 70 PSI, and mountain bike tires should have about 30 to 50 PSI. Less pressure in mountain bike tires is what allows them to conform to different-sized rocks along a trail.

Most tires will have an optimal PSI imprinted somewhere on the tire itself. If not, look up your tire specifications online or ask at your local bike shop.


The gauge displays the PSI, which measures the pressure inside your tire as you pump. All floor pumps should have a gauge mounted on or near the base. This gauge should be easy to read and the needle should move steadily and hold its position without wavering.


The look and feel of the pump are also important — not just in terms of aesthetics but for durability as well. A good bike pump should last for many years. The design and materials used to manufacture these products will impact their longevity. Thus try out the best bike pump black Friday deals 2022 sales offers.

If you’re a regular road-bike rider, no doubt you use a floor pump weekly, and an extra hand pump mounted to the bike frame will be a permanent fixture.

It is less common for hand-held mini pumps to have gauges. Because these pumps are designed for travel, with a small size and low weight, most do not include a way to measure your PSI. There are some with cleverly crafted and unique gauge systems, but most will require the old method of manually feeling the pressure of the tire until you’re satisfied it is firm enough to ride. Altogether these best bike pump black Friday deals 2022 sales discount offers are amazing.


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