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Best Fish Oil Black Friday Deals 2022Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that plays many important functions in your body,Best Fish Oil Black Friday Deals 2022  including those between inflammation, immunity, heart health, and mind functioning (1Trusted Source).

EPA and DHA, which are mostly found in fish, are the active forms of omega-3 fatty acids. Meanwhile, ALA can be found in plant foods and has to be converted into EPA and DHA before your body can use it (2Trusted Source).

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For those who don’t regularly have fish, taking a fish oil supplement can be a quick and handy way to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

But, there are numerous variables to consider when finding the right fish oil supplement for you personally, such as the use of high quality ingredients and sustainably caught fish, third party testing and certification, and EPA/DHA content.

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Which omega-3 supplements would be the best?

A normal fish oil supplement is probably the best choice for most people looking to better their well-being.

But just keep in mind that natural fish oil generally is made up of no more than 30% EPA and DHA, meaning 70 percent is additional fats.

You can also buy supplements that have a higher concentration of omega-3s. EPA and DHA can be as large as 90 percent. For the best results, look for brands which contain omega-3s as free fatty acids. Triglycerides or phospholipids are great also.

A few reputable omega-3 supplement brands include Nordic Naturals, Green Pasture, Bio-Marine Plus, Omegavia, and Ovega-3.


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