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Best Garden Tractor Black Friday Deals One of the simple pleasures in life is looking out at a green lawn. Cutting all that grass might not be easy. It is important to have a lawn mower Best Garden Tractor Black Friday Deals 2022 or tractor that you can rely on to do the job right. Consumer Reports tests both lawn mowers and tractor every year to determine which ones are the best.

It is possible to keep your lawn neater if you have recently bought a home. Because contractors are now building on smaller lots than a decade ago lawns can be kept small. According to a 2022 U.S. Census Bureau Report, the median American lawn size is now at an all time low of less that one-fifth of an acre. Six out of ten new homes are built on lots less than a quarter of an acre.

Mower manufacturers are taking note. They have introduced many new battery-powered mowers in recent years, which are great for small yards. These machines are as efficient as their gas counterparts and more environmentally-friendly as they use electricity. These machines are also quieter, which is important if you live close to others.

You will need a mower that can handle small areas or large areas of grass. Consumer Reports evaluates all types of mowers to determine their ability to mulch, bag, bag, maneuverability, side discharge, bagging, ease-of-use, and maneuverability. We also review features that can save you time or effort.

Our tests have shown that you don’t need to spend a lot to buy a top-quality mower or tractor. While some models are more expensive than the top-scoring machines but perform nearly as well, others cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars less. However, our tests have shown that a little bit more money can buy a lot of mowers, especially at the lower price range.

Best Garden Tractor Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

How CR Tests Lawn Mowers & Tractors Our testers travel to Florida in late winter to test the latest models on grounds that we have prepared each year. We plant 1,800 lbs of grass seed (predominantly an annual rye variety, which is prized for its dense growth). We cut 500,000 feet of grass using three methods: side-discharging and mulching, as well as bagging a total 3,000 pounds worth of clippings. To get an idea of each model, we mow both slopes and level turf. Every model that we evaluate is also subject to a review of the convenience features.

The Overall Score for each model in CR’s mower ratings incorporates all that performance data, along with predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings from our latest member surveys. These surveys use data from more than 78,000 lawn mowers or tractors purchased by members between 2010 and 2022.

Best Garden Tractor Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Different types of lawn mowers and tractorYou have many options when it comes to the best riding or walk-behind lawn mower. There are models starting at $170, and then there are lawn tractors and zero turn mowers starting at $4,000.You don’t have to be concerned about noise. Our tests showed that gas mowers emit more noise than their battery-powered counterparts. Nearly all of the gas-powered machines that we tested emit more than 85 decibels to the user’s ears. Only a handful were slightly quieter. We recommend hearing protection for all.

The best battery-powered electric mowers are no longer second-class citizens. They cut grass as well as their gas counterparts. The battery-powered electric mowers are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can be self-propelled or push. These mowers are easier to store and maintain, but they have shorter battery life times which make them more suitable for smaller yards. Battery mowers generally last between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the battery’s capacity. The battery technology is improving and some mowers can last for 60 minutes.

The pros: Most mowers can cut a 20- to 21-inch width. They also have interchangeable batteries that can be used with other outdoor power tools of the same manufacturer. They are easier to use than gas mowers, have a push button start, emit no exhaust gases, and run quieter than those powered by gas. They don’t need oil changes or frequent maintenance.

Cons The battery-powered self-propelled models can use as high as 20% of the battery charge to power their wheels. This means that you won’t have the ability to cut as much grass unless your batteries are larger or more powerful. They are also more expensive than gasoline models, but you will eventually pay back the difference.

Maintenance: Mowers need little maintenance other than blade sharpening.

Best for: Yards up to 1/3 of an acre

Our ultimate buyer’s guide reviews the top garden tractors available in 2022. We also discuss the advantages of these versatile machines, safety features, how to use them safely, and more! Best Garden Tractor Black Friday Deals 2022

The best garden tractor is essential if you want to make yard work enjoyable and easy.


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