Best Winter Jackets Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on March 20, 2023 12:42 pm

Best Winter Jackets Black Friday DealsIt’s time to get a winter jacket. These are our top picks for winter jackets and parkas. They are filled with down fill (or synthetic, depending on the occasion) and are built to withstand freezing temperatures and howling wind. Best Winter Jackets Black Friday Deals 2022 These jackets and parkas can be worn casually in the city or as performance pieces for the backcountry. They can handle double duty and some are able to do it well. While you can certainly spend more on a winter jacket than this McMurdo Parka by The North Face, we are happy with the quality and value of the McMurdo parka.

The McMurdo Parka from The North Face covers all the essentials: it is warm, waterproof, breathable, and blocks wind. We also like the McMurdo’s upper-thigh length, which provides good coverage and allows for plenty of mobility. The McMurdo is significantly cheaper than the other more expensive parkas below at $349. What are its flaws? The McMurdo Parka is casual in appearance and feel. It’s not designed for backcountry use. You won’t get as much warmth or compression from the jackets with thinner shells or 800-fill down (or higher) than the jackets that are more expensive. These shouldn’t pose a problem for everyday use. This is why so many people purchase the McMurdo. The best part is that we love the jacket’s design (thankfully, the faux fur at the hood can be removed as it could have been a deal-breaker).

Best Winter Jackets Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

We have tried the new version and we are impressed with its fit. It is a great winter jacket that can be used for layering, but doesn’t feel too boxy. The Arctic Parka for women doesn’t have the same name, but shares many similarities, including full waterproofing and 550-fill down. The intended use of a winter jacket is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when selecting a jacket. These jackets can be worn around the city for casual wear. They are most commonly seen in cities like Denver, Boston, New York and Chicago.

Performance jackets are technical and lighter due to the use premium down and shell materials. These jackets are made for climbing and mountaineering. A casual coat can save you money. Our top casual picks are The North Face McMurdo, and Marmot Fordham. They cost around $300, but provide adequate warmth and weather protection. There are compromises in weight, packability and movement. This is important if you plan to climb mountains, but not for your morning commute. A few parkas fall in the casual/work category, with more durable polyester shells and excellent toughness. We have listed the jacket’s category in the product specifications and in our comparison table to help you understand the best use of each jacket.

All jackets in this list were made with down fill early. This is the most versatile type of insulation and the warmest. Some jackets, including the Columbia Whirlibird IV, are made with synthetic insulation. Although it is not as lofty and heavier than down, it does a better job of insulating in wet conditions. It is also less expensive than down which is why it can be found in some budget-friendly designs like the Caterpillar Heavy insulated Jacket. While both insulations have their uses, we love down for its warmth and coziness in winter. This article will provide more information on down and synthetic insulation.

Best Winter Jackets Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

The warmth of your jacket is dependent on many factors, including insulation type and weight as well as shell fabrics and wind. Layering and layering are also important. Fill power and weight are the most important factors that determine the warmth of your jacket. The most popular spec for winter jackets and parkas is fill power. It refers to down specifically (almost all of the jackets on this page are down). Fill power is a number that can be increased by 600, 700, 800, and 800 fills, respectively. The higher the number, the more loft it will produce and the easier it will compress to pack it away. Premium down is also the most expensive.

This is why this number will not necessarily correlate with price. Although fill weight is often neglected, it is just as important as fill power. Fill weight, which is not used to measure the quality of down, simply measures the total weight of down within the jacket. The RabNeutrino PRO contains 8 ounces 800-fill down and the Feathered friends Khumbu Parka has 13.3 pounds of 900-fill. This is a big difference. It becomes more complicated when the fill power is different. For example, comparing 500-fill down to 850-fill is like comparing apples to oranges. Manufacturers don’t always provide fill weight, especially for casual pieces. We have done all we can to get that number, including spending hours on hold explaining that fill weight is not the same as fill power. About half of the jackets in this list have fill weight.

This is more useful than not. Temperature Rating While winter jackets do not have a standard method for measuring warmth, like the EN system for sleeping bag bags, there are some clues. Remember to consider both the fill power and Best Winter Jackets Black Friday Deals 2022 weight of your jacket, as we have already discussed. The jacket’s shell and the layers beneath it are important.


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