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Corsair 780T Black Friday DealsThis Corsair model is an impressive full-tower model which offers some nice improvements to the standard PC case, with an easy-to-tinker design and a well-ventilated interior. As soon as the Graphite Series 600T was opened and we embraced it like an ox to water. There was a lot happening with the exterior of the chassis along the method by which they integrated the rounded panels with the sides and top was pleasing to the eye. We loved the 600T’s original white color so that when they introduced the 760T, even as we liked the design it was actually a good idea to pass the chassis over to the storage expert Tyler. In this means that Tyler could take pleasure in the features that the 760T had to offer, while we could keep our 600T running and enjoy the 760T as well.

Along with the design the interior layouts of the 600T and 760T were similar, with only minor adjustments in the way they operated. The Graphite Series chassis we have today takes its heritage into consideration in terms of style, and the interior keeps a lot of what we expect in the Graphite Series, but the panels have been retooled specific to this new chassis

Corsair 780T Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The curly edges and the thick plastic panels provide an edgier, curvaceous style, similar to the hot Detroit Iron that was popular in the 50’s, 40’s and the 60’s. When the 760T arrived the design was more refined. The 760T had sharper angles that what the 600T did, however it still impressed us and we were very pleased with it. As we enter the third edition in the Graphite Series, we find an amalgamation of both exteriors of its predecessors, however the overall design has been improved, and it now has amazing capabilities.

Since the NDA was lifted, we are now able to inform you that we are here today to review the most recent and best of Corsair’s Graphite Series of cases, the 780T. With its roots in the back of its mind, and with its sights towards high-end models, Corsair has sent along the 780T full-tower model for us to test.

The 780T definitely shares its roots in the older models but it is a bit more refined design and features that surpasses all similar Graphite chassis. We are ecstatic about this chassis, and we’d like to see you as eager as we are to discover what all the buzz about this model has been about. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into Corsair’s new Graphite Series 780T full-tower chassis

Corsair 780T Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

This is true regardless of regardless of whether you purchase the black model, the white one or the yellow one which Corsair is planning to launch in the near future. The final thing to note about its size and appearance, would be the large windows on the left-hand side of this chassis. Even though it’s tinted, it offers an expansive, unobstructed view of the inside. The interior is also impressive we discovered two 5.25″ bays with tool-free mechanisms at the top front of the chassis. Following a short gap, we then found the modular HDD rack with six trays that support either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive in each tray. As we walked back we found an motherboard tray that has many wiring management slots (filled by grommets) and a few tie points, as well as an extremely large access hole for coolers.

Digging through the press kit, we found a specifications chart provided by Corsair, and with the build already behind us, we can verify these specifications are all correct. This full-tower chassis you can put in all standard motherboards from Mini-ITX to ATX motherboards. The chassis is also able to accommodate E-ATX as well as XL-ATX motherboards. The ability to accommodate bigger motherboards can be attributed to the increased size that the 780T has. The 780T has 600mm in height, 288mm width and 637mm of thickness. The front, top and base of the vehicle feature thick, rounded bezels which give this chassis its most distinctive shape and appearance and appearance, the sides, the back and all of its internal parts (sans the drive tray) are made of coated steel.

We know we cannot be the only ones who found the revolutionary styling of the 600T attractive. Many have claimed that the 600T resembled the look of a Storm Trooper, but once placed on its back it appears similar to a 60’s Camaro.

On the rear of the chassis we could find nine slots for expansion to accommodate many cards, and cards can be up to 355mm long. In addition the chassis has 200mm of Corsair 780T Black Friday Deals 2022 space to accommodate the CPU cooler and 260mm in the case of the power source. This is the reason Corsair refers to them as “clearances” and not.


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