Corsair 900D Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on March 25, 2023 7:45 am

Corsair 900D Black Friday DealsCorsair is relatively new to the market for computer cases, However, it has earned praise for its range of well-known mainstream enthusiast cases with a range of prices. At the top of the line includes the Corsair Obsidian 900D. Corsair 900D Black Friday Deals 2022 It comes with a pricey cost and a feature list designed to appeal to those who enjoy liquid cooling it’s not a typical product. The 900D style is made of brushed aluminum, with minimalist accents. It has an elegant and conservative appearance which is similar to the finish of Corsair 700D and 800D. Corsair 700D and 800D. Inside there are the four 5.25-inch drive bays and 9 3.5-inch drive bays three intake fans that are mounted in the front and an exhaust fan at the rear. The remainder of the case includes the apex of space on top is specifically designed for radiator installation. In addition, you could install standard fans. 3x140mm or 4x120mm each are supported.

The case is advertised as being designed for water cooling, it’s easy to believe it’s the case that has the 2nd door located about two-thirds of the way down the chassis’ body is designed to house the water reservoir. It’s not.  of the fact that the 900D has two zones for cooling, one for power supply and lower drives, while the other zone is for the CPU, motherboard, and the primary components. The sides are secured by locks that can be easily removed, and the bottom panel can’t be removed. It can be opened on a hinge for access to the components below. The power supplies are mounted on the edge to accommodate the use of two sources within the same box. This is an unusual configuration that provides an insight into how specific the design of the case is. The sides aren’t simply a design element They’re also mounting areas to house their own fans. Although they appear to be contiguous pieces of metal, they have an open plate on each side. Remove it, and the solid piece transforms into a vent that fans are able to be connected.

Corsair 900D Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

There’s space for up to four 120mm fans per side, but the actual limitation is 4 fans per side and two on the other. Installing a PSU can block two fans on the opposite side. The front panel is concealed behind a shield, but it contains the standard suspects: four USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports as well as two audio ports. There are ample 5.25″ drive bays four total but the front-mounted drives that made up the Corsair 800D have been replaced to be replaced by a smooth aluminum siding. 900D is huge, especially in comparison to other cases of this type. The next level in the Corsair line of products that is spacious and well-designed, the Corsair 800D which measures 24 by 9 inches by 24 inches (HWD) to give an interior volume that is 5,184 cubic inches. The 900D measures 25.6 in 9 inches and 27.2 inches (HWD) with 789 cubic inches approximately 33% moreover what’s in the 800D. Anyone looking to install this on a desk or within an area that is crowded should first determine the size. Its size also comes with the weight. The 900D weighs 41lbs when empty. After construction, this chassis is able to easily reach 50-60lbs, depending on the number of components you’ll need to put in it.

This is the kind of benefit we’d like get in a $349-case and it’s obvious that Corsair has put in the time to design something that will appeal to the discerning buyer. It’s easy to build and free of flaws, but you’ll require an L-shaped screwdriver for tightening thumbscrews and swap the parts in the rear. There are however some missing features that aren’t included, such as the integrated fan controller or fan hub. If multiple cases for less than half the price of 900D’s include these features, it’s difficult to justify their absence in this case.

Corsair 900D Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

But there’s an additional fundamental issue that the 900D faces, and that’s “Do you need a case to start with?” For the majority of purchasers, the benefits of the 900D – ample room for 2 power sources and a simple liquid cooler mounting as well as HPTX motherboard support–aren’t going to be crucial. If you’re an avid Corsair fan, the superb Corsair 800D, priced at less than is likely to fit your needs. An enclosure that is built from scratch to create individual liquid cooling loops is an extremely rare thing. What’s not to like? Making a custom loop is expensive and time-consuming which makes this type of enclosure the definition of a niche. But Corsair has introduced Obsidian 900D, which is Obsidian 900D for one big reason: to fill the niche. It’s “big” is definitely the keyword.

Basing their product on their legacy of liquid cooling with the cult Obsidian 800D, Corsair has created a huge enclosure designed to accommodate an extremely powerful computing device that you can imagine with ample room to install radiators as well as all the accessories that come with liquid cooling.

Before we move more into this review I’d like to make sure that I’m specific about how this Obsidian 900D is being evaluated since it’s a different beast than most cases. It looks and feels designed to resemble it’s an old ATX case, however at the price of $349, it’s as high-end as you can get. When you take a look at how Corsair created it you’ll be able to discern, as I did, that it’s designed for more than a typical garden design.

This also means that, while I need to test it with our standard tests, the conventional test will be mostly academic. It’s a lot more difficult to judge how efficient enclosures will do its job when the task will differ between people in more important ways, rather than simply choosing the graphics or air cooler to utilize. The things you’ll want to be aware of is the number of features available, the accessibility to assembly, as well as the overall appearance, as well as the way they’ll serve your needs. This is assuming that you’re in the need of a case, which most likely it won’t.

Corsair’s press material highlights its case was intended to be cooled by liquid however, you’ve probably already figured that out by the number of times I’ve recited the information. The most important thing you’ll need to be aware of are clearances of the radiator and they’re quite a bit.

The top mounts for fans have a 112mm clearance from the top of the case up to at the very top of the motherboard. Also, it is possible to intrude into one of the sides to create a 5.25″ bay. In front there’s a little gap between the 120mm top fan and the two lower ones, which means that you can only put in one 240mm radiator. However, There is the possibility of installing one 140mm radiator as well as fan if you’re inclined. The rear of the case houses one 140mm radiator inside the slot for exhaust fans. Corsair keeps the other large portion of the radiator space within the lower part of the enclosure which is where you could theoretically install the Corsair 900D Black Friday Deals 2022 120mm radiator one way, and one that is 240mm on the other, along with 110mm of clearance for the radiator to the PSU. Be aware it is important to note that installing the radiator inside the lower chamber will require the removal of drive cages.


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