Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on September 28, 2022 5:08 pm

Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday DealsIt’s the Corsair H100i Pro RGB is a closed-loop CPU cooler that uses magnetic levitation with RGB LEDs to give you one of the top liquid chip-chillers that you can attach to your processor. Naturally, it’s the RGB LEDs of the pump Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday Deals 2022 that ensure it has the required cooling capabilities, but those maglev fans don’t look less impressive either. In the past, we created a complete high-end cooler shootout that included the first Corsair Hydro H100i.

Although that cooler had the best performance among the models we evaluated We felt that the coolers that we tested against it offered the best balance between both noise and temperature. We came to our analysis of the H100i V2 with an interest to see what Corsair might modify the design. Do they just want to strive for ever-better performance with less noise or would it adjust to the initial H100i to have more of a reasonable noise profile? Corsair chose to use a lower-RPM fan which produces less airflow overall however, they also produce greater pressure. It also altered its dimensions for the fan slightly and, as we’ll be discussing in the next section it also altered the layout of the fin array for the radiator.

Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

It’s clear that Corsair tried new design principles here but what was the intention more performance or better-balanced performance? The clue is in the name H100i V2, which implies that it is an improvement over the first which was intended to give the same experience. We decided that the time was right to discover how similar both of them are. Because this series that includes liquid coolers is the most popular available We’re betting that a lot of people will be intrigued by the results! We tested both coolers using the Quiet and Performance settings accessible from the CorsairLink application that we strongly recommend downloading if are using a Corsair cooler. The application isn’t included in the package.

A sample of CorsairLink is displayed above. It allows you to pick your preferred degree of noise versus cooling but also allows users to keep track of an array of data on your computer, from cooling activity, the temperature of your motherboard and CPU to video card performance. A quick note: although we haven’t yet re-tested our collection of air-based coolers yet, you can check out how the first Corsair H100i performed with them during our top-of-the-line cooler shootout, and then use this as a reference point when compared with the H100i 2. In short, you’ll find that both coolers are very similar in terms of cooling efficiency, but there’s a difference in their noise levels.

Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

With the introduction over now it’s time to dive deep into the details of Corsair’s best-selling coolers! Installation of the Hydro H100i V2 One one of the major enhancements that the H100i V2 has is a more efficient installation process, as well with a more compact set of data and power connectors. We observed that the H100i version 2 was extremely easy to connect, and came with the Intel bracket installed, which makes it essentially a single-step procedure with regards to installing the cooling block. Corsair has reduced to just two connectors available from USB 2.0 and a three-pin fan connector, and SATA power to only the two first. The power source comes from the fan’s head (or possibly the fan header and USB) is a problem regarding pump and fan control that we’ll cover in the following section.

Dual 120mm fan are the same as standard 120mm case fans and are even easier since you’re attaching their hoses to the radiator, which is fitted with pre-drilled holes that are designed to take the screws without much force being applied.

One thing that gave us some anxiety, however is the length that the radiator’s pipes. They were less flexible than the earlier design of the cooler which meant they would often run directly into the case’s rear-mounted 120mm fan. If we had to try this once more, we’d reverse the position of the radiator to ensure that the hoses were located in the front of the case. However, this might require turning the radiator block upside down too, which could result in the Corsair logo appearing upside down. It’s possible that this could be a matter of design over function because the hoses definitely appear cool, but they aren’t cooperating during installation. It’s interesting that flipping the block can solve a fitting issue that we encountered that was The USB power cable was directly into the heatsink of our motherboard’s chipset that you can observe in our photo of the top down.

The two fans could be connected to an adapter that joins the block or directly onto the motherboard. Both options are feasible as well, and the one you select is based on the way you want to manage the fans. Utilizing using the cooling block as a controller for them , that you don’t have direct access to the motherboard control, but get control of them via CorsairLink that allows you to utilize the preset profiles Corsair offers. In the intro, Corsair is redesigning the design of its radiator to make it more efficient.

The Corsair Carbide 500R case comes with an innovative pop-up panel that is mounted on top that allows that the cooling system to be connected to the outside. It’s the experience you get when you lift the hood of a performance vehicle to look inside! This feature, however, allows you to get an up-close inspection of the radiators themselves. The left one is the H100i and on the right side is the H100i V2. On first inspection, they appear similar however they’re different. The H100i v2 has fins that are better packed horizontally as well as vertically (fitting around 10percent more fins according to our calculations). We were a bit disappointed we also discovered that the radiator’s additional 3mm of thickness, as we mentioned in the specifications previously only made it impossible to shut the panel that pops up on the Carbide 500R, when running the H100i v2 cooler that is newer.

What if we knew that cases aren’t the futureproof ones? We utilized our top-of-the-line test platform to evaluate the coolers, made up of the following parts Corsair H100I V2 Black Friday Deals 2022 If you’re discussing the all-in-one (AIO) chillers, it’s getting difficult to overlook the array of options Corsair can lay out before you as it offers the top liquid coolers.


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