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Ego Battery Black Friday Deals 2022Gas-powered mowers have long been the normal means to look after your lawn, Ego Battery Black Friday Deals 2022 but there is a new sheriff in town–and it is battery-operated. We know that a perfectly-cut lawn is a valuable thing and that you may be reluctant to switch to something brand new, so we put the EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Mower into the test in our backyard. Continue reading for our review of this mower’s design, performance, battery life, price, and contest.

Ego Battery Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Last Springwe had the chance to become one of the first to look at the EGO Power Plus line with its advanced 56V battery system platform. The results were exceptional. As we kicked back with a cold one, smiling from the performance the EGO 56V battery gave usthe conversation turned to the professional and prosumer market. Can lithium-ion OPE actually take hold of prosumers and further down the street, even professional landscapers?

Ego Battery Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Performance: Lightweight and strong

Unlike pull-start mowers which require priming and many start attempts, the EGO lawn mower operates with the push of a button. Once you completely extend the grip, just one push on the start button ignites the engine and you’re ready to go. This was one of our favourite features as it eliminates the need to wrestle with a gas-powered mower just attempting to get it to start. This is a significant advantage for somebody who does not have a lot of manual dexterity.

r had been started, pushing, pulling, and turning were a breeze. The battery provided almost as much torque as we have seen from the majority of the gas-powered lawn mowers we have used. And with the added bonus of not having any gasoline fumes, we were eager to exchange a small power for cleaner air. After mowing, we were able to smell the scent of freshly-cut grass; something that is lost among the gas fumes of classic mowers. The light weight of the plastic left going uphill and downhill particularly easy since we didn’t have to fight the heft of the mower.

The EGO mower boasts a 21-inch cut capacity with a minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches and a maximum height of 4 inches. You will find six different height adjustments (labeled one through six) which you may use. You may toggle back and forth between different heights by yanking a knob lever that’s located on the face of the machine. The lever is spring-loaded, easy to access, and easy to adjust. You just need to pull, correct, and proceed.

We put the blade at different heights to check the cutting power in different lengths and we were not disappointed. The cuts onto the grass blades were sharp, exact, and cut at an ideal 40 to 45 levels to provide a professional looking lawn with minimal work. Grass lines came out clean and sharp and the lawn mower had no issue taking 6-inch grass blades down to 3 inches.

The mower did stall a couple of times, in locations where the grass was somewhat too long or wet from rain, but this was a slight inconvenience and something which’s to be expected when there’s been a little extra time involving mows. Despite longer-than-ideal bud, the chute did not clog and the bud made its way easily into the collection bag with no hassles.

1 thing we didn’t enjoy was the inability to correct the height of the handle. Because of built-in safety mechanisms, the mower will not start unless the deal is fully stretched. While we appreciate that EGO designed the lawn mower with security in mind, it could be an added bonus when there was an choice to adjust the deal to different heights.

The Spruce / Lindsay BoyersBattery Life: Long enough to get the job done
Right out of the box, the battery clocked in at a 25 percentage charge. After we locked it to the charging station, it took 40 minutes for a full charge. Because the battery has to be billed in advance to your lawn mower to operate, it does require some forethought, unlike gasoline mowers which you are able to start up at a moment’s notice.

The charger has a sensor which tells you if the battery is 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent billed, which we believed was a wonderful touch. While charging, the built-in fan on the charger makes a sound that is like the noise that the lawn mower makes when it’s running. This is a minor issue that is definitely not a dealbreaker for us, but it is something that you may want to be mindful of this, in case you don’t have a dedicated location outside your routine living room to charge the battery. If you are charging your battery in the kitchen, you’re likely to hear it; but we think that it’s a fair trade because the fan was designed to maintain the battery from overheating while it charges and we’re willing to deal with just a tiny noise in the name of security.

The deal also folds flat, so when you’re not using the lawn mower, then you can push down the handle to reduce the EGO general footprint. This allows you to store it on the floor or vertical against a wall, even if you are tight on space. This was just another one of our favorite features, because we do not have a great deal of garage or shed room to dedicate to some mower.


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