Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on March 25, 2023 3:34 pm

Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday DealsIt is also referred to as the CPU is the most crucial part of every gaming motherboard. It is used in conjunction with your graphics card in order to run your PC games. It can play include Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday Deals 2022 GTA V, League of Legends and Overwatch. To see a complete list of games can be played with this CPU and the possibility of comparing it with the other Intel or AMD processors, check out our CPU comparator. We’ve tested every single one of our CPUs.

The Core i5-2400 CPU is an essentially 3.1GHz CPU that can increase to 3.4GHz when there is only one processor running This is not often due to the fact that Windows moves single-threaded programs between cores to ensure that the multi-core CPU remains active.

The thing we were most interested in was the way we could increase the speed of this CPU. The non-K series Sandy Bridge CPUs can be required into Turbo Boost to a higher amount, so we logged to the BIOS and attempted to set a CPU multiplier of 47x. This proved to be a bit optimistic,, as the BIOS will only allow us to select a multiplier of 38x or less.

Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Then, we increased the Base Clock up to its highest 105MHz then changed the Load Line Calibration to Extreme, and sent 1.1V to the VCCSA and 1.10625V through the VCCIO. We did not add any additional current to the CPU through the vcore or the PLL. And yet , when we started Windows it ran Prime95 for many hours. Although a combination of a 38x multiplier for CPUs and 105MHz base CPU should give us the 3.99GHz CPU speed however, the i5-2400 could only be able to reach this frequency in the event that a single threaded application was restricted to a single core (we made one test of smallfft’s test on the core 0, for instance).

We saw a few high results from this CPU with Cinebench R11.5 returned 6.05 which is faster than the stock X6 1100T BE. Crysis running at an average of 32 frames per second. Its overall Media Benchmarks score rose from 1,850 to 2,152. This isn’t too bad from the overclocking of a supposed locked CPU.We were awestruck to witness such high speed and performance from this supposed low-end, multiplier-locked quad-core processor.

Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

But, it’s not as expensive as the amazing Core i5-2500K and we’re struggling to understand the purpose of it. It could be extremely powerful and fast but you’ll get much more processing power for the money you pay with the i5-2500K.

The Intel Core I5-2400 is a desktop processor with four cores. It was released in January of 2011. It’s one of the Core i5 lineup, using the Sandy Bridge architecture with Socket 1155. Core i5-2400 features 6MB of L3 cache . It runs at 3.1 GHz as a default however, it can be upgraded the speed to 3.4 GHz, based on the task. Intel is developing the Core i5-2400 using an industrial node of 32 nanometers with 1160 million transistors. Its multiplier can only be used to the Core i5-2400 processor, which restricts its ability to overclock. With an TDP of 95W The Core i5-2400 draws plenty of power. Therefore, adequate cooling is essential. Intel’s processor is compatible with DDR3 memory using a dual-channel interface. In order to communicate with other components of the system, Core i5-2400 uses a PCI-Express Gen 3 connection.

The processor is equipped with the Intel HD 2000 integrated graphics solution. Hardware virtualization is supported on the Core i5-2400processor, which dramatically increases the performance of virtual machines. Furthermore, IOMMU virtualization (PCI passthrough) is supported, meaning guest virtual machines are able to directly utilize host hardware. Software that uses Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) are able to run with this CPU, which can boost performance for computationally intensive applications.Now this is Linux evaluation for Intel Core i3 2120 is out, the Intel Core i3 2120 has been released and there were first benchmarks for the Core i5 2400S a few weeks ago, when studying the current state of the Intel “Sandy Bridge New Acceleration” architecture, the full analysis of Intel Core i5 2400S processor is available.

It is the Core i5 2400S is meant to be an energy efficient Sandy Bridge processor with a 65 Watt TDP as compared to the non-S i5-2400 CPU which has an max TDP at 95 Watts. It is similar to the other high-end models however, this power reduction Intel Core I5-2400 Black Friday Deals 2022 is achieved by increasing the frequency of the CPU by 600 MHz.


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