Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday Deals 2022

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Last updated on December 25, 2022 7:36 am

Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday DealsThe Intel Core i7-4790K doesn’t offer an enormous upgrade over last year’s Intel Core Core i7-4770K however it’s a significant improvement to make it to be our Editors’ Pick Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday Deals 2022 of high-end processors. If you weren’t thrilled with the Core i7-4770K model, you might find the i7-4790K ( available at Amazon) more than you expected this time, especially when you purchase with an eye towards future features and compatibility. There are some significant improvements that include a faster clock speed The Core i7-4790K operates at 4GHz as a base clock as well as the option of 4.4GHz Turbo mode. This is an improvement of 15 percent over Intel Core i7-4770K’s 3.5GHz base/3.9GHz

The speed of the clock is increased and the performance of CPUs increases nearly linearly with improvements in clock speed which means that benchmarks will gain an additional 10-15% performance with the latest core. Improved temperatures: The older Haswell chips are known for being hot. There are a variety of reasons for this, like a new voltage regulator on board that places a large thermal generator right on top of the CPU’s die as well as Intel’s choice to use the thermal paste rather than connecting an actual heat spreader for the CPU directly on the chip.

Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The Core i7-4790K corrects this by using an improved thermal interface component (TIM) that connects the CPU’s die and heat spreader. SIMILAR products Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5 Good Intel Core i7-4770K $300.00 See it at Amazon Check out our Intel Core i7-4770K Review Intel Core i7-4790K Other CPU features The Core i7-4790K has two features designed for professionals which the Core i7-4770K did not have. It supports transactions synchronization extensions from Intel (TSX) as well as I/O virtualization (VT-d). The VT-d feature allows a virtual machine to assign specific devices for I/O (meaning physical hardware mounted inside the computer) to a specific virtual machine.

These are both specific features, especially TSX which gives developers the ability to develop multithreading programs that scale better than the current software, provided the processor supports TSX already. Intel’s decision to remove these two features out on its Intel Core i7-4770K in the past caused a backlash from those who were looking for a processor with all Intel’s premium capabilities, yet we’re not able to purchase one unless they agreed to give up overclocking support. Both TSX or VT-D is crucial to the typical consumer of today but TSX could become a significant performance option in the near future.

Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

And as desktops last for an increasingly longer duration, it’s sensible to consider every choice. The Core i7-4790K is coming at the same price as the Core i7-4770K there’s still value from the additional compatibility. Let’s look at the things that haven’t changed. The Core i7-4790K remains based upon Intel’s 4th-gen Core architecture that was codenamed, Haswell. It’s built using identical 22nm technology and comes with the identical HD Graphics 4600 onboard GPU with the same speeds. This is why we’ll not be focusing specifically on GPU efficiency here.

Intel Core Core i7-4790K Performance tested the Core i7 4790K on an Asus Z97 Deluxe motherboard, with 8GB DDR3-2133. We ran Windows 8.1 Update 1 with all updates and patches, and also used the Intel 730 Series SSD ($392.82 at Amazon) to store data. We tested the Core i7-4790K against last year’s Core I7-4770K and Intel’s 22nm first-generation processor Ivy Bridge-based Intel Core i7-3770K . This was our previous Editors’ Choice for high-end processors. The Core i7-4790K can be a drop-in substitute for the Core i7-4770K, so what is the difference in performance over the model from last year? Based on the results of our tests that show a 15-percent speed increase for the i7-4970K yields an increase in performance that is between 8 and 12 percent over the Core i7-4770K model and an increase of 25 to 35 percent performance improvement over the earlier Ivy Bridge-based Intel Core 3770K.

The gains are the smallest general-purpose applications such as PCMark 7 and larger in applications that use a lot of CPU, such as Photoshop CS6, the rendering software POV-RAY, as well as the test for 3D rendering Cinebench 11.5. The Core i7-4790K’s performance increases nearly linearly in line with the speed of its CPU. However, the processor isn’t just more efficient, it also significantly boosts thermal efficiency of the CPU.

The first Haswell core was known for its heat , and it didn’t overclock well. We tried the Core i7-4790K using the identical V3 Voltair CPU cooler we looked at on the Core i7-4770K. In the event that we set our Core i7-4790K at identical 3.5GHz base/3.9GHz turbo clock speed that the Intel Core i7-4770K It ran 15 degrees cooler, ranging from -50 to -35 degrees Celsius in comparison to 65 ° Celsius in the Core i7-4770K. In the stock speed and under full load the Core i7 4790K reached the temperature of 74°C, Intel Core I7 4790K Black Friday Deals 2022 which is an improvement of only a few degrees, considering that the processor is 15 percent more quickly than its previous model.


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