Lifeproof Flooring Black Friday Deals 2022

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lifeproof flooring Black Friday Deals 2022You need the most magnificent flooring possible for your home. Hence the finest vinyl floor brand is LifeProof, that will provide those stunning floors you’ve always wanted. lifeproof flooring Black Friday Deals 2022 However, not all of vinyl flooring is identical, so we hope this LifeProof vinyl plank inspection will help you decide whether it’s the type of flooring you want to use. But there are many alternatives in regards to LVP– it can be tough to know how to select.

lifeproof flooring Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

LifeProof, officially called Allure flooring, is an excellent alternative in LVP. In today’s review I will be covering the qualities of LifeProof vinyl plank flooring in addition to providing you with an installation guide, and information about ways to buy the item. So read on to find out more about this revolutionary vinyl flooring manufacturer and how it can transform your home.

lifeproof flooring Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

That’s why below, we are going to show you everything that you need to learn about LifeProof vinyl flooring. We’ll discuss its pros and cons, the collections it comes in, and discuss the most common topics that pop up in LifeProof vinyl floors reviews. Ultimately, we will compare it to some of the additional finest vinyl plank flooring brands available on the marketplace.

In comparison to wood, rock tiles, along with other popular options, you can find a new floor for a lot less money. Wood can get damaged easily and needs to be polished and sanded occasionally, something that you can only do a finite amount of times. Stone may decode. These two require major renovations to install, whereas vinyl plank can usually just sit on top of an present floor, further bringing down the labor costs of installation.


There are just so many distinct styles available with particular types of flooring, but with vinyl you have got several to pick from. Along with various looks and patterns of vinyl, you have also got distinct tiers of quality, which we’ll talk more detailed.


Generally , vinyl floors are absolutely durable. They’re resistant to most spills, they don’t stain easily, and even scratches out of a pet’s claws are extremely rare. They ought to last many decades, and they are quite easy to maintain. That’s in general, which brings us to a number of the problems we have with Lifeproof…


Lifeproof is a brand that’s sold exclusively at Home Depot. It’s safe to assume that Home Depot has a strong relationship with them, and is possibly incentivized into directing people towards their goods when they visit the shop to check at flooring. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, the real problem comes down to quality along with the time honored saying…

you get what you pay for.

Yes, Lifeproof are extremely affordable, and you’ll see them recommended a lot, particularly in-store. The issue with this is the simple fact that they are not super durable.

The product itself is thinner and lower-quality than some other choices out there, so if you’re already saving some cash by going vinyl, then you ought to look at higher-quality options.

Having said this, there is a time and location where something lower-end could be okay. If you have an addition to your home, like a spare room or a sunroom or what are you, this can be an affordable option for lower-traffic places. You don’t always require the best, occasionally cheap and good enough is, quite frankly, good enough.

Provided that you realize that Lifeproof is not a high-end, top-quality option, and you use it accordingly, you should be all set. The problem is when folks use it because of their kitchens, bathrooms, entrances, and other high-traffic regions inside their houses and notice it starting to wear out too quickly, or the colours beginning to fade, or that it’s scratching too easily, or other issues of durability.


For options to Lifeproof, we are going to be sticking into other brands of vinyl. Obviously, there are lots of other non-vinyl choices on the market, but we will assume you’ve already made up your mind on vinyl and you are just looking for a high quality alternative.

A good index is price. More expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better, but it’s a beginning. Together with lots of the options in the $1-$2 per square foot range, you are missing out on important attributes like scratch resistance and waterproofing.

Another thing to check at is the thickness of the tile. Lifeproof is not the worst in regards to this, there are cheaper brands that that can be insanely thin. The depth of the planks can vary based upon the style you opt for and thicker is usually a better choice concerning quality and durability. Also, the thicker ones can have additional protective coatings, which assist them last longer.

There are Lifeproof boards which are rather thin, and thicker ones, which demonstrates that it’s important to look past just the brand name. Having said that, in case you’re looking for some choices, here are some other brands which are really worth checking out:

Armstrong Vivero

The Vivero lineup of merchandise comes in 3 different durability alternatives, so you could choose depending on your needs and where you are placing it. It’s 100% waterproof, super durable, and comes in a number of styles.

You can install these yourself if you have even a lot of DIY experience. Armstrong’s Vivero goods include a lifetime limited warranty for the house, plus a 15 year warranty for commercial installations. They can cost up of twice as much as Lifeproof, based on the design of each.

DuraCeramic is like a mixture between ceramic and vinyl tiles. It has the advantages of both, with less of those downsides. The price of DuraCeramic is marginally higher compared to pricier versions of Lifeproof, but place them side-by-side and you’ll be able to tell the difference straight away. Congoleum also supplies sheet and tile flooring options.

This brand has been around for decades, and provides high quality vinyl flooring choices at somewhat higher prices, in the $4-$8 per square foot range, give or take. They’ve a 20 year warranty, and a great deal of unique designs and accent-pieces that you may use to actually bring the look together.


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