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Logitech G502 Black Friday DealsIt’s an gaming mouse that will not quit. It was first introduced almost five years ago, with an innovative design that redefined the old Logitech gaming mice, Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022, and then paired an entirely new design with the most accurate mouse sensor they could come up with. It was an excellent mouse in 2013 and hasn’t changed much since then. The G502 came with RGB lighting just a few years ago and, now it’s updated for 2018 and has a superior sensor.

The G502 Hero, Logitech clearly believed that this was the perfect “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation The design of this mouse has been unchanged for five years. Logitech G502 is more substantial and heavier than the one I’d suggest to the majority of gamers. However, I do believe that Logitech and other mouse makers have outdone themselves in the past five years since it was first came out. It’s still a top gaming mouse, with features that very not many competitors have and a brand new sensor that should keep the G502 on the cutting edge of anything coming out in the coming five years.

Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

It’s still the top option for a big, heavy gaming mouse. It weighs 121 grams plus an additional 18g added by a few tiny metal weights that can will fit in on the lower part of the frame. It’s a solid machine The bulk of the weight comes from the metal scroll wheel with a comfortable and smooth scrolling feeling that it will be difficult to switch back to any other mouse that doesn’t feature it.

The button beneath the wheel can switch between smooth scrolling ideal for moving through a 100-page document quickly, and notched scrolling that is ideal to swap weapons within the FPS. You can also move the wheel to the left or right to activate more buttons which is a feature that’s not often seen nowadays that I am happy to have as an alternative. I typically recommend lighter mice particularly for FPS playersdue to the quickly they can glide across the surface of your mouse and the little effort that is required to flick and click. The difference of 10 grams less weight is evident, and some gaming mice weigh upwards of 90 grams, which is a massive difference.

Although it is heavy, using the G502 does not feel a lot of effort and it doesn’t disappear within your grasp and feels like a part of your hands. It certainly is a tool meant to be carried around. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… Close the pop-out player in order to start playing back. Video playing PC Gamer enters the Logitech mouse lab PC Gamer Show – Steam review bombing, Divinity:

Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

The Origina and questions from listeners You can follow the G502’s arch that is prominent, which is great for palm-grips and a return to the traditional Logitech mice such as the G500. It’s comfortable but the sloping and rounded leftand right-click buttons indicate that it’s not as suitable for various grips. The mouse is clearly trying to get users to keep their fingers in the same position within the mouse grooves. A more prominent fingtertip grip won’t be as natural.

If you don’t feel that you’re in need of two additional buttons to the index fingers, the buttons feel like they’re tacked on. With five years of experience the G502 is a bit over-designed. There’s an odd, disturbing symmetry in the left-clicker being concave and scooping up to secure your finger and the right-click button convex, and slopes away to the left. Sometimes, I feel that my finger is sliding away from the edge of the right-click, and due to the fact that the left-click button is slim compared to the majority of mouse models, I am frequently accidentally pressing one of the smaller buttons that

Logitech has added in the left side on the left side of my mouse. It’s too simple to use, and are by default an DPI switcher. In the last week, my cursor has been to the side of the screen after accidently hitting DPI+ rather than left-clicking. There are a myriad of options to fix this issue such as rebinding the button, remove its binding completely or simply sit for long enough with your mouse to build up my muscle memory in order to prevent accidental clicks. If you don’t think you require an additional two buttons beside your index fingers the buttons feel tacked-on and are more likely to cause mistakes than anything else. They’re not my favorite thing in the ergonomics on the G502. Its thumb slot on the left part of the mouse however is great. It has two large, beautifully clicky thumb button that’s simple to press simply by moving your thumb up.

They’re cleverly placed so that they’re easy to press however they remain far enough away from you making sure that there are no misclicks, and let you maintain a firm hold on the mouse. The G502 also comes with an “sniper” (aka DPI shift) button located at the end of the thumb. can be re-blocked to anything however, it is by default held down to temporarily reduce the DPI for a more precise aiming. I’m thinking that the sniper switch is an additional feature–for the majority of games, a few fingers that are programmed can serve the purpose, but it won’t interfere with your game even if you don’t want to use it. Modifying the button assignments and DPI is simple with the G502 thanks Logitech’s G Hub program, which’s more attractive and lighter in weight than the predecessor driver application. While it’sn’t as feature-rich like other mouse drivers available however, it achieves the perfect combination of functionality and ease of use. Its speed is higher than ever before, because of the 16,000 DPI Hero sensor Logitech is using in its top-of-the-line gaming mice. However, for the majority of users will be unable to distinguish any distinction from these two models. Hero sensor and previous G502’s PMW3366 that performed almost perfectly up to 12,000 DPI.

The Hero sensor is also free of acceleration or jitter as well as other similar issues like those that were common to gaming mice in the past. The tracking won’t be an issue. For the majority of users, the change of the Hero sensor is likely to go unnoticed this makes the updated G502’s price more difficult to justifiably. Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022 It’s the most advanced model of this mouse that available today, but for those who want an extremely heavy mouse that is designed to a palm grip it’s the less expensive G502 Proteus Spectrum will perform the task with ease.


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