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Logitech G703 Black Friday DealsLogitech is bringing its G703 wireless mouse to market with a slick, ergonomic experience. the G703 is elegant in design but deadly in its performance. The G703 is a wireless Logitech G703 Black Friday Deals 2022 keyboard Logitech has designed an ergonomically designed dark horse. The G703 features the identical Lightspeed wireless technology that is found in G903 and the G903 along with G Pro. G Pro, which is remarkable with its report speed of 1ms. The G703 has been designed ergonomically for right-handed users and my palm-grip fits comfortably with the form of the mouse.

It’s very comfortable, and at 107g it’s easy to move when using the keyboard. It was the first Logitech wireless mouse that had it’s Powerplay wireless charging technology and could provide right-handed users with some financial relief if they feel the G903 was a little too costly. The G703 looks and feels similar to an upgraded G403 which is basically identical to the G403 with enhanced wireless connectivity. It performs exactly the same way and was simple to get used to. It has the PMW3366 sensor, which we’ve experimented with in other mice, and it performed flawlessly.

The price of the mouse is about  which is comparable to the G900 , however due to the fact that the G703 was specifically designed for right-handed users, I prefer it by a mile. If you’re in search of an ergonomically sound mouse or want to use it’s Powerplay mouse pad and save money, The G703 is an excellent contender.I tested the all matte black G703 which, when I said it’s like G403 Prodigy, I’m not kidding. G403 Prodigy I wasn’t joking it’s like they’re the same.

Logitech G703 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The G703 is a medium-sized model, however, I must say that the elevated body makes the mouse feel a little bigger in comparison to its predecessor, the Razer Mamba when it is actually smaller (by 2 millimeters). The size is just right for my hand and my palm grip naturally eases into the groves and slopes in the body. It’s wide sufficient (12.4cm) and broad enough (6.8 centimeters) to keep my palm not touching my desk while playing. Its size is very comfortable, and it’s lightweight enough to be able to fit other styles of grip, but the finger and claw grippers could feel tired.

It weighs 107g which isn’t too heavy for wrists and has the option to increase the weight by 10g should you need. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to utilize the wireless charging feature of this Powerplay Pad if want to make the mouse heavier.

The G703 seems to be an ideal mouse for everyone (right-handers) and as the user doesn’t have extremely small hands, I don’t think of anyone who has problems with how the mouse feels. The shape is of G703 is very simple, with an amazing ergonomically designed shell. It is very inviting design, my thumb slipped into the groove just like glove and I could place my pinky and ring finger comfortably on the broad slope.

Logitech G703 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

The ‘Hump’ on the body is not noticeable and fits inside my palm perfectly, sliding upwards from left to right. The shape of the mouse is similar to the G403 however the G603 is the exact same form and style. Its body is bulky and it feels a bit more higher than other mice that fit in your palm. It taper out to the side for your thumb, and then down to the main buttons to allow your middle and index finger to allow you to sit comfortably.

The main buttons begin to curve vertically towards mid-section of the mouse, creating the appearance of a philtrum that allows your mouse wheel to rest in. The shell’s exterior is matt, smooth plastic like in G Pro. G Pro, which doesn’t move when I press various areas on the mice. Contrary to the G603 the mouse’s main buttons are separated from the other parts inside the outer shell.

I like this since it provides a more solid click although I don’t believe there’s any discernible differences in the actuation, I like this. Each side of the mouse have an elastomeric texture instead of additional grip pads. The rubber’s texture is fantastic and helps keep the grip firmly attached to the mouse and adds Logitech G703 Black Friday Deals 2022 the feeling of comfort. The rubber texture appears to block sweat when playing for long periods of time and even when playing at low sensitivity, I have never lost control of my mouse.


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