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Last updated on March 20, 2023 12:50 pm

In a short time the Ruger AR-556 has become the direct-gas-impingement M4-style AR-15 rifle of choice for many people. Ruger Ar 556 Black Friday Deals 2022 It’s the MPR, which stands for Multi-Purpose Rifle. From the name it’s clear Ruger plans this rifle to be a do-it-all AR. The initial AR-556 is a capable rifle in its own right, yet the differences in between these two rifles amount to substantially different plans. Both most quickly spotted differences in between the original AR-556 and also the MPR are barrel size as well as the handguard.

The AR-556 has a 16-inch barrel with a fixed front sight and also a rounded polymer handguard, while the brand-new MPR sports an 18-inch barrel inside a free-float light weight aluminum handguard. Unlike the initial AR-556, which has a carbine-length gas system, the MPR’s longer barrel enables Ruger to make use of a rifle-length gas system. The longer gas system slows down bolt rate as well as, every little thing else being equal, creates a softer-shooting weapon. Instead of an A2-style flash hider, the barrel on the MPR is tipped with a radially ported muzzle brake of Ruger’s own layout. There are ports under of this brake, so you’ll be kicking up dust if you’re firing anywhere near susceptible. It extends only 11/8 inches past the muzzle, so it really isn’t any kind of longer than the common A2 birdcage flash hider.

The barrel has the common AR string pitch of 1/2×28, so it will certainly approve any conventional muzzle device. Video That May Rate Of Interest You × // rifleshooter/content/photos/ Ruger556MPR3.jpg SEE IMAGE GALLERY The 15-inch M-Lok handguard offers a great deal of realty for placing accessories or placing your assistance hand. While loud, the 30-port brake does an excellent work of subjugating recoil. The barrel free-floats inside a 15-inch light weight aluminum handguard with M-Lok device attachment ports at 3, 6 as well as nine o’clock, in addition to some added angled slots near the muzzle that work great for mounting lights.

Ruger Ar 556 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

This is an instead slim handguard. It’s 1.5 inches broad as well as two inches tall gauged from the top of the rail. M-Lok is a slot-based installing system made by Magpul, the kings of AR accessories, so it isn’t a large surprise to see other Magpul items on this rifle. Ruger designed its own pistol grip for the original AR-556, but to better match the Magpul SL (Slim Line) stock, the company went with the Magpul SL pistol grip. The oversize polymer handguard is a Ruger-made item. The typical MPR design ships with a 30-round magazine– except to limiting states, where the rifle includes a 10-rounder. My sample came with a Magpul Gen2 PMag.

Both stock as well as grip supply good looks and also capability without adding any extra weight. At 6.8 pounds the AR-556 MPR is only a third of a pound heavier than the original AR-556, and that weight difference is mostly the result of the MPR’s longer barrel. Of course, the initial AR-556 featured front as well as back sights, which add a little weight, whereas the MPR has none. Underneath the Ruger logo on the left side of the receiver, you’ll see these rifles are made in Ruger’s Mayodan, North Carolina, facility. The upper  Ruger turned to Magpul for the six-position SL stock– sporting both QD pockets as well as traditional sling slots– as well as the MOE grasp. As it is a “standard” M4-style AR, the initial AR-556 features a GI-style single-stage trigger.

Ruger Ar 556 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Those normally run north of six pounds as well as are often gritty. The AR-556 MPR is furnished with Ruger’s Elite 452 trigger, which the firm initially began providing a few years back in the SR-556 Takedown rifle. I’ve had a decent amount of experience with Elite 452 triggers, and they’ve all performed as advertised, which means it is a huge upgrade from the original AR trigger pull. The trigger pull on my sample rifle came in exactly at the advertised 4.5-pound weight. To wring out this inexpensive “do it all” rifle, I placed a the CMR8 from Hi-Lux in a QD scope place from Midwest Industries. Accuracy out of the Ruger went over, with a couple of loads printing under one m.o.a. Depending on the ammunition, the two additional inches of barrel the MPR sporting activities over 16-inch “M4-style” rifles will provide you about 50 even more feet per second.

ARs are just enjoyable rifles to shoot, which is among the primary factors for their appeal. The ammo is about as cost-effective as rifle ammunition gets, and the recoil is negligible. After a separate trip for the sandbag benchrest work, I headed to the array for some fun with my two kids, the MPR as well as several various other rifles. The MPR’s 18-inch barrel has a 1:8 twist. The original AR-556 featured this same twist rate, which was one of the reasons why the rifle was, and is, such a good deal. Forward of the handguard the barrel has a 0.70-inch diameter. With the stock fully extended, the balance point on the AR-556 MPR is right under the front takedown pin, which is excellent for an 18-inch-barreled rifle. // rifleshooter/content/photos/ Ruger556MPR2.jpg SEE PHOTO GALLERY The guns are being built at Ruger’s relatively new North Carolina facility. One of the biggest improvements over the original AR-556 is the addition of the firm’s Elite 452 trigger. I am not one of those people who worships at the altar of thick barrels on fighting rifles, and since “multi-purpose” is right in the name of the MPR, it qualifies.

Sure, thicker barrels take longer to get hot and hold their zero better when they get hot. In any defensive situation outside of Afghanistan, if you’re firing fast enough to get your barrel so hot your point of impact actually shifts, the bad guys are going to be close enough that the point of impact shift won’t be nearly enough to take you off target. A light barrel, on the other hand, is light all the time. The barrel has M4 feed ramps.Ruger Ar 556 Black Friday Deals 2022  This barrel also features a 5.56 NATO chamber, which means it will safely handle both commercial.223 Rem.


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