Sony A9g 77 Black Friday Deals 2022

Sony A9g 77 Black Friday Deals 2022The Sony A9G is an excellent TV for the majority of uses, whether it’s for watching HDR films or for use as a PC screen. It has remarkable dark room performance and its exceptional movement handling results in clear images with nearly no observable movement blur. Sony A9g 77 Black Friday Deals 2022  Its low enter lag and 120Hz refresh rate provide a responsive gaming experience, but sadly , it does not encourage any VRR technology. It runs on Android TV, which is an excellent platform for those who get most of their content through streaming.

Sony A9g 77 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The Sony Master collection A9G OLED TV ($3,499) is the finest smart 4K TV that Sony offers. With a superb OLED picture, an inspirational sound-from-display sound system and a refined design that extends from the TV cabinet into the remote control, this is among the best consumer products on the market. It’s high price may force you to do a double take, but this is a truly premium 4K smart TV encounter.

But is it worth the extra expense when that premium price is significantly higher than those for equally excellent competitors? The Sony A9G is not the only OLED TV on the market, and it’s not the only place to provide outstanding image performance and audio. Even as one of those best TVs, it faces stiff competition in LG. Here’s the way the Sony A9G heaps up.

Sony A9g 77 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Bottom line

The Sony Master collection A9G OLED TV isn’t simply an excellent smart TV; it is also the best-looking, best-sounding TV available on the market. The OLED display is superb, with rich color and deep blacks, excellent HDR support, and excellent overall performance. The sound emanates directly from the screen, offering beautiful sound quality with deeper immersion and you don’t have to add a soundbar. This set still has its own quirks, such as the need to empower several features for full gaming service, but even past rough spots have been polished out, such as the distant, which has changed into one of our favorite remote controllers.

The significant downside here is the price, which will be dramatically higher than those for competing superior 4K TVs. The LG C9 is unquestionably the greater value, but using all the Sony’s fantastic noise and great Android port, the Sony Master Series A9G OLED is the better TV — it simply costs a arm and a leg for that slightly superior experience.


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