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Sony Ax100 Black Friday DealsSony, Panasonic, JVC and other digital imaging companies are exploring new ways to offer people reasons to purchase a camcorder. Your smartphone can shoot HD video, so why carry a camera around? These tiny cameras, Sony Ax100 Black Friday Deals 2022 especially those in higher-end models such as the Sony Xperia or Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, can take pictures and videos at a level that is only possible with a high-end standalone camcorder.

What can big electronics companies do for consumers to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on new camcorders they need to carry around? One way is to make video capture resolutions higher than HD. This would be the Ultra HD (UHD), or 4K realm as Sony refers it in large letters on the side their high-end 4K Handycam the FDR-AX100.

Design, tech, and features
The AX100 is no miniature marvel. It measures in at almost 8 inches and is the same size as an 8mm Handycam from the 1990s. The included battery weighs in at 2 pounds. It is also quite heavy. It has a semi-tubular frame with a metal subframe and is covered in grippy plastic. Overall, you will feel good about spending two grand on it. The camcorder archetypes are maintained, including zoom, start/stop, focus and fold-out LCD screens. All the usual places.The camera can shoot in 4K, but it can also shoot in 1080p HD and lower.

Sony Ax100 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The camera was with us for over a month, so we were able to get to know the menu structure and adjust the controls to our likings. We also played with some cool features. The camera can shoot in 4K, which is its main strength, but it can also shoot in 1080p HD mode or lower resolution for Web video and the like. You can also shoot HD/4K at a lower resolution simultaneously, which can help you save time during post-production. A Class 10 64GB SD card, priced at less than $40, can provide almost 14 hours of shooting in standard AVCHD 1080p HD mode. This time is cut to a little over 2 hours by switching to full-on XAVC 4K mode. You can also use the 64GB intermediary XAVC SHD mode, which is essentially a higher-bit HD Mode. It takes about 2.5 hours.

Data rate is the difference between the XAVC modes that throughput large amounts of video bits. We used to worry about HD data rates being too high. Ah, those were the good times.

The AX100 is a single Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS camera that measures in at 20.9 megapixels. Previous camcorders this small had a three-chip design. Glass is a Zeiss model with Vario-Sonnar* lens array. It has a native 12x optical Zoom that spans a 35mm equivalent of 29mm-348mm, and an constant f/2.8 maximum aperture. The lens zoom is stated to be 18x in HD mode, 12x at 4K and 24x digitally using “Clear Image Zoom.” However, the results can be increased to 160x by using more digital tricks, which is unpredicted.

There are two control rings on the AX100. The AX100 has two control rings. One is located in the usual spot at the front of your camera. It can toggle between zoom and focus control using a slider switch close to the ring. A small, finger-roller ring can be used nearby to assign different functions. The sensor system in the large ring’s sensor is not as precise as we would like. It sometimes performed slower zooming or fine focus control, which was sometimes more difficult than a non-digital mechanical system.

The LCD screen has three buttons that quickly change the duty assignment of small roller wheels between iris, shutter speed, and video gain. The gain control can also adjust ISO in photo mode. The zoom rocker is behind the “photo” button on the top of the camera. Pressing it will allow you to take still photos at 14 megapixels and record video. Although we aren’t certain that this is the best place, some accidental stills were taken while the camera was held at a low angle. However, it was not annoying. Some acSony employees have slipped a USB cable into the handgrip which proved to be very useful on many occasions. It can transfer data and charge the battery. There are also other connectivity options, such as NFC pairing and Wi-Fi. Hard wire connections are available

Sony Ax100 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Under the camera’s door is a standard-style hotshoe with a multi-pin interface. Sony’s Multi Interface shoe hot shoe is compatible with a variety of interchangeable accessories. It can be used with both new Handycam camcorders, Alpha digital cameras and high-end Cybershot digital cameras . The camera comes with a red mic jack. However, Sony also sells a dual-XLR adapter to plug into the hotshoe. The built-in 5.1 channel mic pod is good at capturing ambient sound. However, we recommend adding the XLR-K1XLR mic module to any shopping list if this camera will be used in a professional setting. It retails at $800.Remote control, up to 2 Sony has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity in most of its digital imaging products, including AX100.

PlayMemories is a companion app for Sony Android and iOS that allows remote control of the camera and viewing. It allows you to toggle between photo and video modes as well as controlling the zoom lens. It is simple and functional. The phone’s video seemed to be much smoother than the LCD screen of the camera. The app doesn’t allow you to change video type (HD/4K), or access camera settings. This would be a great feature, and we hope they add it to future updates. It can be difficult to find the menu entry that will sync your camcorder with your smartphone. A small, analog, infrared remote allows you to control the many menu options, zoom, and recording keys. To see where you are within the menu structure, you need to be able see the LCD or attach an external monitor to your camera. When in place, the included lens sunshade blocks the IR receiver window. This can lead to a lot of unrecognized commands.

Screen time
The reviewer is an old-school photographer who prefers to use a viewfinder. However, the wide-angle LCD touchscreen monitor with wide-angle foldout LCD was very enjoyable. The image was sharp enough to allow for fine focus, and the color was good, except when it was directly in sunlight. This was washed out the image and increased fingerprint evidence. Although a sunshade could solve this problem, it would make it more difficult to use the touchscreen. The OLED viewfinder is excellent for shooting in bright environments, however, the menu appears oddly cropped and takes up too much space. The Display button beneath the LCD panel can be used to control what shooting information appears in the viewfinder. However, whatever you choose to display on the LCD will also appear in the viewfinder. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. You should locate the Display Options button elsewhere on your camera and not under the LCD screen. This will prevent you from tiling the viewfinder using the OLED. To toggle the viewfinder, you can use the Display button on your infrared remote.

There are little doors that open all around the camera. These include mini-HDMI and AC/DC power. 1/8-inch mic Jack. A “multi” connector allows you to attach an external storage device. (No matching cable is provided for this connector). These accidental photos turned out to be quite beautiful! The only control is located on the right side of your lens. However, the NFC touchpoint is just next to the button. The small button located above the large stop key switches quickly between video mode or the pure 20-megapixel image mode. It’s unlikely that you’ll accidentally hit it (we have never). On the opposite side of the battery is the start/stop switch, which toggles between video mode and pure 20-megapixel photo mode. It can be set manually or automatically, depending on what shooting mode you are using.

The touchscreen is a quick way to bring the AX100 alive. You can also pull out the adjustable OLED viewfinder of 1.4-megapixels, which can be swivelled up. The actual Power button is located under the LCD screen. Sony Ax100 Black Friday Deals 2022 This button is useful for turning the camera on and off, as well as for swiveling up the 1.4-megapixel adjustable OLED viewfinder.


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