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Sony Srs-Xb31 Black Friday DealsThe SRSXB31 Bluetooth speaker has been released by Sony. It is a redesign of the well-reviewed SRS-30 and offers a wider range of light patterns, better design, and a punchier bass. The SRS-XB31 Sony Srs-Xb31 Black Friday Deals 2022 Bluetooth speaker is the middle of Sony’s new-gen Bluetooth speaker line (which also includes the larger SRS-XB21, XB41), and it’s simple. They avoid trendy smart home integration to keep its price down and concentrate on performance.

This party speaker is designed for millennials and has a great sound profile. It should be very well-suited for social settings for people who enjoy more complex music such as electronica or hip hop. The XB31 sounds great at all levels, but the bass can get a little too thick or low, which causes the mids to retract, affecting the balanced sound signature. It is powered by two 48mm speakers and a Sony S-Master amplifier.

The most important feature here is bass – the packaging says “EXTRA BASS”, but the XB31 does not have a toggle button for turning the bass enhancement on or off. Instead, you can toggle the marquee feature – along with all the other EQ – via the Sony Music Center app or by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down/Play buttons for a few seconds.

Sony Srs-Xb31 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Sony Music Center doesn’t have the most precise EQ. However, there are a few pre-made profiles that can bring out different sounds. If you want to increase the mids and not sacrifice the bass, then the “Live Sound” setting is a good choice. However, most people will be content with the standard profile with only the “EXTRA BASS” turned on. If you’re looking to make the mids stand out more, the “Live” function will be most useful. Otherwise, standard mode is sufficient immersion thanks to the angled speakers that work in conjunction with the onboard DSP.

You may be interested in switching between the lighting mode. This is another distinctive feature of the speaker. The edges around the grille emit a sometimes annoying strobing effect despite not being fully synchronized with the music. The colour patterns are quite eye-catching, but it can feel a bit slick. To be fair, this was not something I used at a party with university students. I was using it mostly by myself while I ate spaghetti. To turn off the lights, those who don’t like them can hold the button marked “BATT/LIGHT” on the rear of the speaker. Those who prefer softer or more dramatic patterns can also access the app.

Although lights are great fun, they’re not the most exciting feature of the speaker. That goes to “Party Booster”, which can be toggled by holding down both volume buttons for a few seconds. This mode allows anyone to add sound effects to music by tapping the speaker on different locations. You can use a cowbell, a kick drum, or even a cheeky tonor. The louder you tap the speaker, the more it will produce. Although it isn’t a production with purpose and nuance, it’s a fun party trick for the model.

The Micro USB is being used instead of last year’s proprietary charging cables. This is a significant improvement, but I question the decision to not make this USB-C compatible to keep up with other competitors. The speaker acts as a power bank, which is a nice feature in terms connectivity. However, it does not have the promised 24-hour battery life. You shouldn’t consider the 24 hour battery life to be gospel. If you have the extra bass on, you can expect between 4-6 and 6 hours. This is if the light show is paired with it.

Sony Srs-Xb31 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Sony has managed to achieve an IP67 rating for the device. This means that it is reasonably resistant to rust, water, and dust in case of late-night beach parties. The design is very textured so water drops won’t run off it. Officially, products with this rating can only withstand water immersion of 15cm to 1 meter for approximately 30 minutes.

It can link up with compatible Bluetooth models to create an ecosystem. As with all modern Bluetooth devices, the XB31 fits in well. The XB31 is able to play bass with larger models, as well as with smaller models. It’s an expensive investment as with all ecosystems. However, if you already have a contract with Sony, this is a great addition to your chain. Especially if it includes XB41, which is a much larger model. Only problem is the fact that they have to be linked together using the app, rather than the physical buttons on the device.

You can interact with the speaker using your smartphone’s Bluetooth version 4.2 by holding down the Play button at the top. This will activate Siri or Google Assistant. The speaker’s microphone allows you to hear clearly thanks to its built-in mic, which is also useful for making calls. Bluetooth version 4.2 is also used by the device, so connectivity should not be a problem and drops would be minimal.

The XB31 is a Bluetooth speaker that’s well-equipped for social settings. Music will likely benefit from the large bass boost. Overall, it’s easy to recommend. Sony Srs-Xb31 Black Friday Deals 2022 You can get louder speakers, but this speaker is still adequate for the task.


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