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Sony Ubp-x700 Black Friday Deals 2022Earlier this year, Sony introduced a new, lower-priced participant to its Ultra HD Blu-ray lineup. The UBP-X700 ($199.99) represents a step down, price-wise, from the 249.99 UBP-X800 that I reviewed last year. The X700 offers the core features you’d expect of a UHD player- Sony Ubp-x700 Black Friday Deals 2022 -namely, the capability to pass the higher-quality UHD sign on a UHD Kinect disc, such as Rec 2022 color and HDR10 High Dynamic Range–and adds something that the X800 lacks: support to Dolby Vision HDR, which will be added using a firmware update coming this summer. At the exact same time, the X700 omits some features that the X800 provides, which I will point out throughout the duration of this review.

Sony Ubp-x700 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Besides its Ultra HD capacities, the UBP-X700 also supports 3D movie and SACD audio playback (DVDs and CDs also, of course), as well as hi-res audio via USB. The player also has a nice range of streaming solutions, including Netflix, VUDU, Prime Video, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, and much more.

Sony Ubp-x700 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

In comparing the X700’s form factor right with the X800, you will instantly notice the difference in size and build. The X800 actually distinguishes itself from other sub-$300 gamers in its own rocky, substantial build quality, which is more akin to that of those higher-end Oppo UDP-203. The X700, on the other hand, feels and looks like similarly priced players from Samsung, Philips, and LG. The chassis is smaller (12.6 inches wide by 1.8 large by 8.5 deep) and lighter (about four pounds), and it lacks the hefty metal shell of the X800. Front panel comes with a slide-out disc tray into the left (hidden behind a glossy drop-down doorway ) and buttons for eject and power to the correct; below those buttons stays a USB port. There is no front-panel screen, which is a common omission at this price.

The UBP-X700’s connection options are similar to those of other sub-$300 players. You get two HDMI outputs: 1 HDMI 2.0a AV output and one audio-only HDMI 1.4 output. A coaxial digital sound output is also included, which is a bit less common these days than optical digital audio. This player lacks the Bluetooth audio output seen in the X800, which means that you can not wirelessly stream the sound signal to Bluetooth-enabled soundbars, powered speakers, and headphones. Like most players in this price range, the X700 doesn’t have any DAC or analog sound outputs, so audio quality will largely be dictated from the DAC on your music chip.


Being a less expensive model, we’re not surprised Sony has fitted the X700 with a different chassis to the X800. The X700 is smaller — about two-thirds the magnitude of the heavy, metallic rectangle of the X800. It is lighter, too.

But it’s not an all-plastic event. The thin metal panels around the X700’s angled body block it from feeling cheap, and while the power and eject buttons are plastic, they are prompt and work without fail.

The included remote control, on the other hand, is small, lightweight and plastic — it will not suit everyone. Each of the buttons are practical and simple to use, however, even in a darkened room.

Button-prodding leads to immediate responses, the disc loads quietly and, overall, the X700 is a cinch to utilize the second you hook it up to your TV.


The X700 is a fantastic player which makes watching 4K disks a cheap reality.

It might not exude the same feeling of premium quality because its older sibling, however, the simple fact it can produce a subtler, more lifelike 4K image on a tighter budget is remarkable.

It’ll take quite some competition to knock this super 4K player off its own five-star perch.


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