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Sony Vegas Pro 17 Black Friday DealsVEGAS Pro 17 is still a great editor for Windows users who prefer Windows. Although it has a lot to offer, it is different from other NLEs. Sony Vegas Pro 17 Black Friday Deals 2022 It’s intended for the independent video professional who does not need to share project files with other freelance editors. The editing workflow is similar to working with audio applications than many video editing tools. It’s designed around a click and drag approach with direct timeline interaction. You can cut clips and still playback, for example. Drag a clip beyond the edges of another clip on the timeline to create an audio/video crossfade in that area. VEGAS Pro 17 has over 30 new features thanks to Magix’s renewed support from the VEGAS Creative software team. One of the most important is nested timelines.

VEGAS always considered its project structure to be based on one timeline. Multiple timelines required that VEGAS be opened multiple instances of the application. VEGAS’ new feature, which allows for compound or nested clips, is a departure from most NLEs. Next up is a unified color-grading workspace. It combines all the most common color grading tools such as color wheels and curves in one panel. Other features include optical flow slow motion and planar tracking. There is also support for 8K files. Screen capture can be integrated. Clip stabilization can be used. Smart Split, a new edit function that allows for shortening interview soundbites, is an offshoot from the warp transition. This would be especially useful on the Windows/PC platform. VEGAS Pro was first developed by Sonic Foundry in 1999. It has been on the market since then. VEGAS started out as a DAW.

Sony Vegas Pro 17 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

However, VEGAS Pro was soon made competitive by adding video. The software development team eventually moved to Sony (Sony Creative Software), and then to VEGAS Creative Software, which is owned by Magix, a German company. Magix manages the VEGAS product range. Sound Forge and Acid are also part of the Sonic Foundry/Sony creative apps. You can purchase the VEGAS Edit applications in many versions or bundles depending on your needs and budget. Magix provided VEGAS POST to me for review.

This bundle includes the VEGAS Pro 17 editing software with VEGAS Effects, VEGAS Image, and VEGAS Image. These apps were created in collaboration with FX Home. VEGAS Effects shares technology and HitFilm Pro, while VEGAS Image has a foundation in Imerge Pro. It’s similar in concept to Adobe Premiere Pro combined with After Effects or Photoshop. VEGAS POST can be purchased as either a perpetual license, or through subscription. Magix also offers additional apps and add-ons that can be purchased separately or as part of other bundles. These include VEGAS DVD Architect and plug-ins by Boris FX, New Blue, and Boris FX.

Puget Systems provided a custom-built PC for me to review, as I work primarily on Macs. You can read more about Puget Systems at the end. First impressions Technically, this is not a first impression. I have reviewed VEGAS several times before and my son used VEGAS extensively to record and mix music many years ago. This is my first time to review the new VEGAS Pro 17. This is an easy-to use editing program that’s optimized to work on Windows 10.

Sony Vegas Pro 17 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

This 64-bit program fully takes advantage of Windows media framework. You can also benefit from GPU acceleration for effects, some codecs and speeding up rendering if you use NVIDIA or AMD GPU cards. It may take some time to get used to VEGAS’s user interface and workflow if you have never worked with it before. The general editing concepts of VEGAS are very similar to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. However, VEGAS existed long before Apple did. VEGAS Pro 17 features a more modern UI, with tabbed panels and a darker appearance. You can customize the interface by disabling tabs or moving panels.

The interface has a new look and there are many contextual menus. Although I would have liked them to go further with the interface design, I also know how difficult it can be to make changes when you have a loyal following. VEGAS claims that it is faster than any other NLE. Although VEGAS claims to be faster than any other NLE, I would not trust that assertion. The interface is responsive and fast. It can handle media well, thanks to tight Windows integration. Nearly any media file can now be previewed from any place on your system and edited directly into the timeline. This is without the need to import these files into your project. Clips can be trimmed or ungrouped as audio/video clips. VEGAS uses fluid hover scrubbing to scan through clips.

This editing workflow is closer to working with audio applications than many video editing tools. It’s designed around a click and drag approach with direct timeline interaction. Clips can be cut while still being played. Drag a clip beyond the edges of another clip on the timeline and it will create an audio/video crossfade in that area. You can control this by setting a preference. All timeline clips contain audio and video fade controls. Double-clicking a source clip within your project panel will Sony Vegas Pro 17 Black Friday Deals 2022 cause it to automatically edit to the location where your cursor is located. You will be able to work quickly once you are familiar with the VEGAS editing system.


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